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David Beard
David BeardDavid Beard is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He has taught courses in written and oral communication, rhetorical and communication theory, literature and graphic novels, and hopes to span every intellectual divide he encounters. His work has been published in Archival Science, the International Journal of Listening, Composition Forum, and book volumes like What We Are Becoming (USUP). He has collaborated with Joshua Gunn, William Keith, Arthur Walzer, Matt Segaard, John Heppen and Kate Vo Thi-Beard. That last collaboration has the potential to last decades.

Jim Brown
Jim Brown Jim Brown is an Assistant Professor of English at Wayne State University. He teaches courses in rhetoric, composition, and new media, and his work has been published in College Composition and Communication, Leisure Studies, and The Computer Culture Reader.

John Pell
David BeardJohn Pell teaches in The Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University. Currently, John is exploring the implications of interactionist rhetorical theory on public sphere rhetorics and cross-cultural communication. His courses and professional presentations often explore the connections between rhetoric, empathy, and human rights. John's RSA blog focuses primarily on issues concerning undergraduate rhetoric and writing pedagogy.


Jim Aune
Jim AuneJames Arnt Aune is Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University. He teaches courses in the history of rhetoric, freedom of speech, and church-state conflict. His research focuses on the historical sociology of rhetoric, especially the interaction between rhetoric and the technical discourses of economics and law. He is the author or editor of four books: Rhetoric and Marxism (1994), Selling the Free Market (2001), Civil Rights Rhetoric and the American Presidency (2004), and The Prospect of Presidential Rhetoric (2007).

Adria Battaglia
Adria Battaglia Adria Battaglia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Mass Media and Theatre at Angelo State University. Her research interests include the areas (and intersections) of ideology critique, public sphere theory and the rhetorics of social movements. Her work has been published in Free Speech Yearbook and Quarterly Journal of Speech.

Diane Davis
Diane DavisDiane Davis is Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Writing and English at the University of Texas at Austin, where she teaches courses in rhetorical theory, critical theory, and digital culture. She is author of Breaking Up [at] Totality: A Rhetoric of Laughter (Southern Illinois University Press, 2000) and Inessential Solidarity: Rhetoric and Foreigner Relations (U of Pittsburgh Press, 2010), co-author with Michelle Ballif and Roxanne Mountford of Women's Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition (Routledge, 2008), and editor of The UberReader: Selected Works of Avital Ronell (U of Illinois P, 2007) and Reading Ronell (U of Illinois P, 2009).

Rosa Eberly
Rosa's Dog Spenser
Eikos the first self-named blogger emerita ever, Rosa A. Eberly is Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of English in The College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State, where numbers matter. Since returning to Penn State in 2002, her course offerings have included histories and theories of rhetoric, public controversy, rhetoric and/of media, publics theories, literary public spheres, rhetorics of civic and community engagement, histories and theories of rhetoric and composition, and rhetorics and poetics. She is author of (and co-editor with Jeremy Cohen) A Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy; Citizen Critics: Literary Public Spheres; Elements of Reasoning, 2d edition (1st ed. author, E. P. J. Corbett). She used to be a free-range rhetorician. She has lately been described -- by someone who Knows -- as a ghost ...; but that was Quentin the boy.

Cynthia Haynes
Cynthia Haynes Cynthia Haynes is Associate Professor and Director of First-Year Composition at Clemson University. She spent a year as Visiting Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, where she furthered her research interests in rhetorical theories, composition theory and pedagogy, innovative communication, digital rhetorics, serious design, computer games studies, educational technologies, and political rhetorics. She has been known to publish some of this stuff.