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Steve Katz on Rhetoric and Science

Submitted by syntaxfactory on October 24, 2014 - 5:25am

Steve Katz (of Clemson) gave a dynamite workshop on teaching science writing at UM-Duluth this week. It was a tour de force on the ways that language in scientific articles reflects the epistemological and social functions of the scientific article.

After that, he flew to the Southern Campus to give another presentation:


Interview with Bruno Latour

Submitted by syntaxfactory on September 30, 2013 - 4:48pm

Laureano Ralon
12:56 PM (3 hours ago)

Dear colleagues and friends,
I'm happy to announce the launching of Figure/Ground's new website
( with an exclusive interview with Bruno Latour.


ARST Oral History Project

Submitted by syntaxfactory on June 18, 2013 - 2:39pm


The Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ARST) celebrated 20 years in 2012.


Science Museums

Submitted by syntaxfactory on July 12, 2011 - 11:17pm

Greg Schneider teaches both oral and written communication at Kettering University in Flint, MI (formerly the General Motors Institute). Below is an excerpt from his blog about science museums on his recent research trip to the UK.



Lynch & Majdik: R&PA

Submitted by syntaxfactory on June 26, 2011 - 9:56am

The new issue of Rhetoric and Public Affairs is the sexiest issue I've seen in a while -- at least based on the TOC. (I don't subscribe, personally.)

The TOC is in the TOC feed of the Blogora.
Bookmark it, or add it to your rss reader.

I'm particularly interested in the Lynch/Majdik debate -- anyone currently subscribing who'd like to give us the skinny?


Berube Revisits the Sokal Affair

Submitted by Jim Aune on December 16, 2010 - 10:48pm

The Sokal Affair broke out just around the time my two boys were diagnosed with autism. It also coincided with what struck me then (and now) as a cultural crisis in the American Left, with which I had identified while very young (easy enough to do during the Vietnam era, and coming from a family with a long socialist tradition--and an uncle who, in retrospect, was probably a Communist in addition to being a wealthy banker).


Darwin and Religion

Submitted by Jim Aune on February 10, 2009 - 9:12am

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, makes a lovely case for the consistency of Darwinism with Christianity. The US, alas, ranks just above Turkey at the bottom of a survey of 34 nations' acceptance of evolution.


Autism-Vaccine Link Further Debunked

Submitted by Jim Aune on February 8, 2009 - 4:34pm

Seems the original study was fabricated. What misery one irresponsible person can cause. . . .


Neal Stephenson's Anathem

Submitted by Jim Aune on February 7, 2009 - 5:58pm

After some struggling at first, I finished Neal Stephenson's Anathem today. I'm really quite blown away by it (I'm not naturally a science fiction fan, either, although Stephenson's Snow Crash made me take it seriously), and was wondering if anyone else here had read it. The most interesting feature for readers of this blog is the reference to murky historical figures known as "Rhetors" who are able to "change the past through the manipulation of records and human memory.