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PSU Conference #20: Rhetorics and Technologies

Submitted by Anonymous on July 10, 2007 - 5:14pm

Kudos to Stuart Selber, Matt Weiss, and all the folks who presented at and attended the 20th Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition Sunday through today in Happy Valley. While I was not able to attend all of the conference -- I missed talks by the incomparable Wysocki, Johnson-Eilola, Sirc, Killingsworth, Carroll, Journet ... and at least a score of other scholars I'd have liked to have heard because we are painting the house to prepare for the next war -- what I was able to hear and see re-stoked my inventional hoo-hah.

Here's the conference website; long may it wave, resonate, and bother us, in all sorts of ways. The full conference program, bios of featured speakers, and paper abstracts are available on the website, too.

Gawd it's great to have friends visit from "away". For memory's sake, if you haven't before heard of or visited the Penn State Conference, it was annual until 1994; it has been biennial since then. Think RSA, think Watson: think permanence and change. Think 2009, when it turns 21.


tell me, you smarties

Submitted by Anonymous on May 1, 2007 - 6:57pm

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