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English: The Journal of the English Association - Special Issue on literature, landscape and the environment

Submitted by syntaxfactory on March 2, 2016 - 3:34pm

English: The Journal of the English Association - Special Issue on literature, landscape and the environment
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English: The Journal of the English Association
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English: The Journal of the English Association invites contributions to a special issue on literature, landscape and the environment.

In the years since the publication of seminal texts such as Carson’s Silent Spring, and with environmental concerns never more pressing, ecocriticism has become firmly established in literary studies as a way to think about the challenges facing writers and their readers. Moreover, literary critical engagement with the environment has been enriched in recent years through intersectional work with fields as diverse as disability studies, spatial studies, gender theory, and post-humanism.

We invite contributions that consider with any aspect of the relationship between literature, landscape and the environment, in any period or genre. In particular we welcome submissions that make a contribution to debates in the following areas:

Histories and canons of ecocriticism
Literature, landscape and the environment in the class-room
Digital interventions in literary landscape studies
Contemporary poetics of place
Re-evaluations of key texts in ecocriticism

Essay submissions of 5-9000 words and poetry submissions of individual poems should be made via the journal’s portal:

Deadline: 15th May 2016.
Please include ‘LLE Special Issue’ in the title of your submission.

Further information for authors is available here:

Queries can be sent to:

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