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Call for 2016 Award Nominations, The Philosophy of Communication Division, NCA

Submitted by syntaxfactory on March 2, 2016 - 10:50am

Call for 2016 Award Nominations, The Philosophy of Communication Division, NCA

Invites Open and Self Nomination for Publication Awards

Distinguished Book, Edited Book/Journal, Book Chapter, Journal Article

Deadline: September 1, 2016

PHILCOM Publication Awards Committee for 2016:

Andrew R. Smith (Chair), Isaac E. Catt, Galina Sinekopova

Distinguished Publication Award Categories are: (1) Book, (2) Edited Book; (3) Themed Edited Journal; (4) Book Chapter, and (5) Journal Article. Only one award per category will be made each year; if no nomination is found adequate, no award will be made that year.

Nomination Eligibility: (1) Nominee Authors must be members of the National Communication Association, but need not be members of the Philosophy of Communication Division; (2) Nomination of publications authored by committee members is not permitted during their term of service; (3) Date of Nomination is a controlling factor; (4) Date of Publication is open (while nomination of recent publications is typical, items of signal historical contribution may also be nominated).

The Criteria for Award Selection are: (1) Original research contribution to the Philosophy of Communication; (2) Sophisticated analyses of a philosophical concept relevant to Communication, and, (3) Valuable contribution to the broader discipline of Communication.

Award Selection Guidelines: (1) Author or Editor: Single preferred over double, multiple; (2) Writing: clarity, conciseness, appropriate source citation, (3) Organization: clear logic: analysis and synthesis, problematic and thematic; and (4) Publisher: University preferred over trade; International preferred over national, regional.

Evaluation Rubric: Each nomination will be Rated (0 = Not Acceptable, 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Excellent) and Ranked (0 = Excluded, 1 = First Choice, 2 = Second Choice, 3 = Third Choice, etc.). Items rated and ranked "0" will be eliminated from further consideration as failing to meet the award criteria.

Successful Carry Over Nominations (beginning with the year of nomination): (1) Book nominations [single-authored and edited] are considered over a four year period; (2) Themed Edited Journal nominations are considered over a four year period; (3) Book Chapter nominations are considered over a four year period; and (4) Journal Article nominations are considered over a two year period. The date of publication is determined in all cases by the printed copyright date.

A Nomination Dossier consists of (1) a letter of nomination (self nomination is permitted); (2) copy of the publication, and (3) any review documents available, e.g. book reviews. All nomination material must be submitted in PDF file form. Where an e-book is not available, three print copies must be submitted. Nominations and/or books sent directly from the publisher's marketing department will not be accepted.


Andrew R. Smith - PHILCOM AWARDS

210 Normal Street | 208 Compton Hall

Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA 16444

Tel: 814.732.2165 | Fax: 814.732.2184

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