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Book Announcement: Neoliberalism, Economic Radicalism, and the Normalization of Violence.

Submitted by syntaxfactory on February 24, 2016 - 4:10pm

Book Announcement: Neoliberalism, Economic Radicalism, and the
Normalization of Violence.

Vicente Berdayes and John W. Murphy, Editors.

This compelling interdisciplinary volume analyzes the wide-scale
societal impact of neoliberal economic policy on contemporary life.

Synthesizing perspectives from fields such as communication, philosophy,
and economics, among others, the authors argues that market-driven
public institutions promote antisocial thinking, discourage critical
reflection, and inure individuals to inequity and cruelty.

The following themes included in the coverage of the volume will be
especially useful to scholars in communication:

- Violent dimensions of the language of neoliberal economics

- Commercial media and intercultural violence

- The ontology of violence within the network society

- Narrative dimensions of economic violence

- Commercial globalization and the disruption of social order

- Phenomenology of an economic order without violence

Chapters cite the ubiquity of violence in modern society, from the
marketing of the military to impersonal upheavals in the job market, as
devaluing human worth. But the editors also assert that these currents
are not terminal, and the book concludes by identifying conditions
potentially leading to a more civil and egalitarian future.

Given the centrality of economic events on the global stage,
Neoliberalism, Economic Radicalism, and the Normalization of Violence
stands out as both a springboard for discussion and a call to action.

Springer Series on International Perspectives on Social Policy,
Administration, and Practice Series Editors: Sheying Chen, and Jason L.

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