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Submitted by syntaxfactory on February 5, 2016 - 2:04pm

The editors of The KB Journal are proud to announce the Spring 2016 edition is live and available at

This edition features a variety of scholarship that explores the intersections of Burke and Jerome S. Bruner and Burke's cluster criticism as it informs our understanding of performance and musical theatre texts.

The edition also features a timely and relevant dramatistic analysis of the discourse of Syrian President Assad and his opposition in the ongoing Syrian civil war and an analysis of the identification of Anonymous' visual identity.

Finally, the edition offers an article on the ambiguities of substance as reflected in Icíar Bollaín’s film Even the Rain and a review of The Terministic Screen: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film.

We're also always accepting submissions for upcoming editions ( and would invite you to like our journal's Facebook page at

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