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CFP: First Person Scholar

Submitted by syntaxfactory on February 2, 2016 - 6:46pm

CFP: First Person Scholar

Hi all,

Apologies for the necessary cross posting. Posting on behalf of the editor; please email them, not me.

At First Person Scholar ( we seek to develop and expand the role of the game critic through the publication of timely, rigorous, and accessible criticism that challenges all players to engage in critical play. As Mary Flanagan writes, “Critical play is characterized by a careful examination of social, cultural, political, or even personal themes that function as alternates to popular play spaces” (Critical Play 6). The articles we publish encourage players—be them developers, scholars, critics, or enthusiasts—to consider alternatives to popular interpretations of games and game play. Through this discourse we seek to establish and sustain a critical conversation amongst those producing and playing games, demonstrating in the process that the game critic is a figure capable of enriching and challenging our understanding of games and what they are capable of.

To that end we are seeking submissions that exemplify the virtues of critical play, including those that demonstrate the extensibility of game scholarship and the value of alternative interpretations. More specifically, we are looking for unique and diverse perspectives that may be underrepresented in gaming media, as well as those that exist between the more industry-driven journalistic view and the more traditional academic position.

FPS publishes articles in three broad categories.

ESSAYS: Essay submissions for FPS are meant to address critical, theoretical, and methodological considerations as they pertain to game studies. Editor: Betsy Brey (

COMMENTARIES: Our commentaries include intelligent discussion of games and games culture that deviate from the format of the traditional academic essay. Editor: Alexandra Orlando (

BOOK REVIEWS: The purpose of the book reviews is two-fold: to act as a resource for game scholars and to critique and comment on the book’s arguments. Editor: Chris Lawrence (

For the full CFP, including guidelines for submission, please visit

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