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Submitted by syntaxfactory on January 26, 2016 - 5:21pm

Media, Culture & Society
March 2016; Vol. 38, No. 2
Original Articles
Football on television: how has coverage of the Cup Finals in Norway changed from 1961 to 1995?
Mona Kristin Solvoll

Ratings, the state and globalization: the politics of television audience measurement in Israel
Jerome Bourdon and Nahuel Ribke

TV-centrism and politicisation in Italy: obstacles to new media development and pluralism
Alessio Cornia

News translation: global or cosmopolitan connections?
Esperanza Bielsa

The old media business in the new: ‘the Googlization of everything’ as the capitalization of digital consumption
Brice Nixon

Constant connection as the media condition of love: where bonds become bondage
Hua Su

Discovery channel’s Jungle Gold in Ghana: hegemonic globalization sparks resistance and policy action
S Senyo Ofori-Parku and H Leslie Steeves

Crosscurrents Special Section: Ideology and Media Studies
‘Ideology’ and media research
John Corner

Reinvigorating ideology critique: between trust and suspicion
Sean Phelan

Foucault-phobia and the problem with the critique of neoliberal ideology: a response to Downey et al.
Simon Dawes

Book Review
Book Review: Digital Labour and Karl Marx
Nicholas Garnham

Against theoretical Thatcherism: a reply to Nicholas Garnham
Christian Fuchs

Submitted by cammy (not verified) on December 20, 2016 - 9:31am.

There was a huge events and discussions going on the society as well as many other things which really makes me impressive. I often recollect such things through blogs news and feel privileged.

Submitted by cammy (not verified) on December 20, 2016 - 9:27am.

hi there ,nice blog.

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