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Special Issue: Reiterating the Canadian West

Submitted by syntaxfactory on January 26, 2016 - 5:17pm

Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies
Special Issue: Reiterating the Canadian West
February 2016; Vol. 16, No. 1
Reiterating the Canadian West: Introduction
Brian Rusted

“Finding” Payepot’s Moccasins: Disrupting Colonial Narratives of Place
Tobias Sperlich and Lace Marie Brogden

Enacting Civility Through Comic Opera; or, Nation, Race, and Ned McGowan’s War
Heather Davis-Fisch

What a Man: Portrayals of Masculinity and Race in Calgary Stampede Ephemera
Susan L. Joudrey

Performing the Canadian West: Chuckwagons, Cowgirls, and New Westerns
Vanja Polić

The Calgary Stampede Through a Cultural Studies Perspective: A Teaching Project
Caroline Rosenthal and Stefanie Schäfer

Authorship and Nostalgia in Contemporary Cowboy Repertoire
Gillian Turnbull

The Sundance Kid: Simulacrum of a Visit
Aritha van Herk

Intimacies of Rock: Ethnographic Considerations of Posthuman Performativity in Canada’s Rocky Mountains
Bryanne Young

Ghosts and Their Analysts: Writing and Reading Toward Something Like Justice for Murdered or Missing Indigenous Women
Kara Granzow and Amber Dean

Submitted by Miranda (not verified) on September 8, 2016 - 8:27am.

I'd like to have a thesis on the topic that requires me to go to the Rocky Mountains and investigate the territories. This is one of the most exciting volumes and I strongly recommend read every page of it!

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