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Memory Studies January 2016; Vol. 9, No. 1

Submitted by syntaxfactory on December 30, 2015 - 5:07pm

Memory Studies
January 2016; Vol. 9, No. 1
Memory | Materiality | Sensuality
Lindsey A Freeman, Benjamin Nienass, and Rachel Daniell

The objects that lived: The 9/11 Museum and material transformation
Marita Sturken

Imperial designs: Remembering Vietnam at the US–Mexico border wall
Victoria Hattam

The Berlin Wall after the Berlin Wall: Site into sight
Jonathan Bach

Guidebooks, postcards, and panoramas: The building of Montserrat through modern mass media
Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes

Atomic childhood around 1980
Lindsey A Freeman

The fabric of our memories: Leather, kinship, and queer material history
Niels Van Doorn

Photo essay: Sensing memory
Kingsley Baird

Memory things and their temporality
Andreas Huyssen

Multiple matters of concern
Julian Yates

Book review
Book review: Longing for the Bomb: Oak Ridge and Atomic Nostalgia
Mary Rachel Gould

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