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Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics

Submitted by syntaxfactory on September 22, 2015 - 8:48am

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Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics
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(The French version follows English)

Memoir. noun. 1. A historical account or biography written from personal knowledge; 1.1 (memoirs) An account written by a public figure of Their life and experiences; 2. An essay on a subject Learned; 2.1 (memoirs) The proceedings of a learned society. Origin - Late 15th century (denoting a memorandum or record): from French memory (male), a special use of memory (feminine) 'memory'. (OED)

Peninsula: A Journal of Relational Politics is a journal of political theory open to a broad ranks of Methodological, philosophical, and disciplinary perspectives. Our area of ​​focus is politics; our approach is critical; and our perspective is relational.

Peninsula prompts contributions to a special issue Focuses That was less specific topic, theme or form of happy, than it was form of expression, a kind or style of writing: the memoir (s). What Can Be Established relationships entre les generation and publication of memoirs and political life? How do memoirs and resembles to Differ from --other forms, genres or styles, Such As the essay, the monograph, the ethnographic or relationship? Is the memoir Necessarily a self-aggrandizing memorializing gold heroic text, or can it be a counter-memorializing piece of writing? Can be read memoirs as effective analysis and Powerful critics, or Are They Primarily personal testimonies of everyday thoughts and actions? Why Would one assumes That thesis categories are Mutually Exclusive?

Authors of memoirs are already Often Known As political actors in some circles and networks. They can be retired generals or high Officials, for example, aim aussi grass-root activists, up-and-coming analysts, stubborn artists, etc. The relevance of a memoir Seems To be a function of the author's Perceived merit, valor, and Accomplishments in the face of adversity. In Many cases, the generation and publication of a political memoir, has more or less autobiographical account of past political deeds, can Constitute Itself a political deed. Old and new memoirs aussi can be read as documentation of self-reflection, as auto-ethnographies That might take share in Mediating the critical transmission of past knowledge, experiences, creations and traditions to generations present and future. Memoirs are recollections of websites, or repositories of memories, and Encountering one can be a memorable event. There can perspire a poignant authenticity from the pages of a memoir, it aims est aussi That the box Many memoirs are-have-been Known to the works of ghostwriters. One May not be the best person to tell one's own story, after-all!

We invite contributions in the form of memoirs, leaving the theme, the topic or the subject to the authors' discretion. Indeed, we do not claim to be ble to define what text PRECISELY undoubtedly counts as a memoir and what text Does not: the exploration of the limits of this form is what Peninsula seeks to encourage with this special issue.

Texts shoulds be Submitted to Peninsula ( by November 1st, 2015.