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Submitted by syntaxfactory on September 16, 2015 - 3:36pm

Recently, RSA almost lost one of its most promising members, Dr. Jennifer Andrus, to an act of senseless violence perpetrated by her estranged husband. Jenny, (she insists we call her Jenny), was shot multiple times. Miraculously, she survived with her faculties fully intact, and she is on the road to a physical recovery.

An assistant professor of rhetoric and writing at the University of Utah, Jenny has been an active participant in RSA for almost a decade, sharing her research at conferences and organizing an RSA Summer Institute workshop on discourse analysis in 2011. Most recently, Jenny made us proud when she published her first book, Entextualizing Domestic Violence, through Oxford University Press.

Ever the rhetorical critic, Jenny asked me to underline the irony of her situation. After years of researching domestic violence and its associated discourses Jenny is, for the first time, experiencing the phenomenon she has critiqued so eloquently and prolifically. I know that Jenny will have much to say and much to write about this experience, and I have no doubt that she will emerge from it a powerful voice for women, both in our organization and in society. But for now, Jenny needs privacy, especially since details of her situation could lead to further violence and trauma.

That said, if you want to express your support for Jenny there is a funding mechanism that Jenny jokingly calls her “eye patch fund” (she lost an eye in the attack). There, you can make a donation, or simply voice your support. Just click the link the below.

On behalf of Jenny, I thank you.

Submitted by Lara Esmond (not verified) on February 17, 2017 - 2:16am.

It is very sad to read about her story, may her soul rest in peace. You can read more about this news on I hope police investigation run against her husband and he will sentence to death.

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