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Submitted by syntaxfactory on May 22, 2014 - 6:53am

I remember when 'blogging was the best way to follow conference action. Heck, I remember when attending was the only way to follow conference action. Below, some anticipatory Twitter excitement about the 2014 meeting of the Rhetoric Society of America in San Antonio.

Nathan Johnson ‏@natezilla 11m
If you're going to #RSA14 and you get me a t-shirt, you'll be my hero. If it's a rhetoric shirt, you're a superhero.

Patricia Fancher ‏@trish_fancher 20m
Early morning travel to my first #RSA14 and my first visit to #texas

Jennifer Mercieca ‏@jenmercieca 29m
Also, #RSA14 tweeters: this is the #teamrhetoric list I maintain: …. Follow the list, follow the rhetoricians!

Lauren Mitchell ‏@laurenmmitchel 46m
HNL -> DFW -> SAT! Mainlanding it for #rsa14 #rcid

Jennifer Mercieca ‏@jenmercieca 48m
I just followed everyone using #RSA14 & am busy adding them to the #teamrhetoric list. Yay, team!

Rachel Bloom ‏@Rachel_Bloom 7h
Siri said I'll need an umbrella this weekend in San Antonio...looks like some storms ahead for #RSA14 #packing

RSA ‏@rhetsoc 9h
The schedule for the ARST Preconference event, “Science and Social Justice” on Thursday: #rsa14

Attn #RSA14-goers: When you hear a paper we shld read in @peithojournal, click to recommend ! Pls RT!

christa teston ‏@christateston 14h
I won't be at #RSA14 this year because I'll be closing on and moving in to my new house; I'm already jealous of all the inside joke tweets.

Jim ‏@jamesjbrownjr 15h
@caseyboyle Act-agent. “The agent is an author of his acts, which are descended from him, being good progeny if he is good…” #RSA14

Jim ‏@jamesjbrownjr 15h
@caseyboyle Sorry, friend. Only for premium subscribers. #RSA14

Chris Lindgren ‏@lndgrn 17h
Adding some comments about the regex code I'll be discussing in my #rsa14 presentation.

Scott Graham ‏@easyrhetor 17h
♫ If you're going to San Antonio, you're going to meet some rhetor people there. #RSA14

Andrew Pilsch ‏@oncomouse 18h
really helpful article about Tex-Mex from @seriouseats for everyone headed to San Antonio for #rsa14 this week:

John Jones ‏@johnmjones 21h
@caseyboyle what about something catchier? e.g. "Epic Rap Battles of History: Friedrich Nietzsche's v. Marcus Fabius Quintilian #RSA14

Jennifer Mercieca ‏@jenmercieca May 20
Plans to blow up the field by discussing Enlightenment political theory. Y’all should come to our 8am #RSA14 panel Saturday! #teamrhetoric

Cruz Medina ‏@AcademiadeCruz May 20
I apologize to my non-Rhet/Comp followers, but I'll probably be tweeting lots of #RSA14 soon.The countdown has begun

John Jones ‏@johnmjones May 20
@rooksbay I have a bull in mine. Maybe #cowslides can replace @sophist_monster's salmon pants as the "thing" at #RSA14?

RSA ‏@rhetsoc May 20
The full list of seminars/workshops for the 2015 RSA Institute is now online: … #rsa14

Nathaniel Rivers ‏@sophist_monster May 19
Is #RSA14 ready for these pants? They will all be worn. #teampants
from St Louis, MO

Chris Lindgren ‏@lndgrn May 18
Here's my #rsa14 panel: P14 Negotiating Rhetorics: Ethos, Identity, and Data Structures; Mon, 8am, Salon K

Su Wilcox ‏@cheekysu May 17
Registered for #RSA14 today! First time going to this sort of conference. Very exciting!

Cynthia Bateman ‏@cindy091896 May 17
By this time tomorrow, my #rsa14 presentations will be ready to go. But tonight, #TwinPeaks rewatch with @geraldsjackson. #priorities

RSA ‏@rhetsoc May 17
Going to #rsa14? Take a few min this weekend to peruse the online program ( ), set up a profile, bookmark some sessions

Andrew Pilsch ‏@oncomouse May 17
no panels i want to see on Friday afternoon, so of course there's two cool panels on the nonhuman at 8am on Saturday. ugh, #rsa14. ugh.
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Rachel Bloom ‏@Rachel_Bloom May 16
MT @NCTECCCCLatinos #RSA14 attendees! Stop by the Reflections booth for info on exciting current & forthcoming issues
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Followed by Alex Reid and 2 others
Trent M Kays ‏@trentmkays May 16
Next week, I’ll be relaxing on the river in San Antonio, eating dinner with my two favorite people in the world. #awesome #rsa14
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Retweeted by Scott Graham
Lisa Meloncon ‏@lmeloncon May 16
#rsa14 don't forget to pop by the ARST pre-conference on Thursday. Lots of great stuff #medrhet #healthcomm
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Rusty Bartels ‏@rustybartels May 16
Revising my paper on maps @ Pearl Harbor for #rsa14 is actually feeling good and almost enjoyable; in the way that solving puzzles is
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dblakesley ‏@dblakesley May 16
Just completed my #RSA14 profile. Great event app @cgbrooke Can't wait for RSA next week! It's rhetoric all the way down (in San Antonio)
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rwmonty ‏@rwmonty May 16
Just added 28 panels to my #rsa14 schedule.
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Allison Hitt ‏@ahhitt May 16
@jwluther droppin knowledge about zines & borderland rhetorics. sneak peek of #rsa14 #ccrcircle
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Casey Boyle ‏@caseyboyle May 16
Hitting the road for stop, Albuquerque, NM.
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Kim Lacey ‏@kimlacey May 16
Morning win: notes I've been collecting for #RSA14 paper = half my presentation is done. #SanAntonioHereICome
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kendalljoy ‏@kendalljoy May 15
check out the #rsa14 conference app! you can add my session #h21 to your schedule!
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Kristin Kondrlik ‏@kekondrlik May 15
FYI, y'all, I'm switching from a pop culture/politics/research feed into an academic gushing feed as #rsa14 approaches. Conferences do that.
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RSA ‏@rhetsoc May 15
The #rsa14 Accessibility Guide and Online Program are both live:
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Sarah N. Frank ‏@sarahnoblefrank May 15
#Rhetoric Graduate Students, mark your calendars for Sunday's Graduate Student Reception at #rsa14
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Kendall Phillips ‏@DarkProjections May 15
#RSA14 is just one week away- check out our free mobile conference app and our accessibility guide!
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Jenni Hewerdine ‏@Hewerdine May 15
"Break" from school includes #RSA14 San Antonio, coding research, interviewing for other research, and reading for 2 summer WMST classes
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kendalljoy ‏@kendalljoy May 1
the full program for #rsa14 is up! take a peek at the @DWRL ad, next door to the DRW ad, on pp. 12-13!
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RSA ‏@rhetsoc Apr 13
Last call: apps for #rsa14 Social Media Fellowships are due tomorrow (4/14). Visit … for details
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The #RSA14 program is up! As you read why not tag #CWSHRC peeps & items of interest: ? We'll invite u 2 share in May!

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