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MOOCspiracy, MOOCing, and Rhetoric

Submitted by RexVeeder on July 6, 2013 - 6:10am

I wonder if the Blogoria would want to explore this question about MOOCS and public discourse: Is 21st Century rhetoric(s) more a matter of chorus than Dialogue?

A context: I believe a no fear attitude toward MOOCS is essential to rhetoric and education.
Some terms with a change in view might be MOOCING, MOOCISM, MOOCSPIRACY (MOOCspiracy coined by Jason Tham, who is a graduate student at SCSU). All terms of endearment for creating the poetic ghost worlds and manifesting them in problem solving and deep exploration of things we have a passion for and about. I am interested in INSIGHTing Revolution through the way MOOCS invite massive collaboration. It seems to me to go to the core of social media and also to learning. If can move our vision of learning from instruction only to a conspiracy of resources. A MOOC provides a place for problem solving and deep exploration of a topic of interest and encourages (parcipitates) a condensation of like interests to create a poetic ghost world that attract strangers and manifests in shared action and thought. What a wonderful conspiracy of resources. I am not worried about our institutions figuring out how to make money through FTE during all this because there is always a way, and there are those who dedicate their lives to doing it. We have ideas, of course, on how to support the technology and support and should offer them up. Still. without proceeding with a heart of steel and a spirit that says do it, do it, do it. We are going to miss out as institutions in participating in this revolution in education and human collaboration. As for me, I will continuing to MOOCspire whenever I can.

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