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Gregory Schneider on the Elevator Speech

Submitted by syntaxfactory on November 14, 2012 - 9:45pm

"...the elevator pitch contains implicit rhetorical connections to audience, purpose, argument, and context that any faculty who teaches speech will recognize immediately. For example, at Kettering University, the elevator pitch has been distilled down into an implicitly rhetorical heuristic based on the Need, Approach, Benefit, Competition (NABC) model described by Carlson and Wilmot in their book Innovation (2006). The NABC framework is fundamentally rhetorical because of its focus on need (the specific exigency), the benefits (for a consumer audience), and the competition (for the listening audience). Employing this model requires
thinking rhetorically, whether entrepreneurs know it or not."

--"Innovation and Discourse: Integrating the Liberal Arts into Engineering Entrepreneurship Education"
Gregory J. Schneider-Bateman,
JEEN – The Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship Volume 3, Number 1 - 2012

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