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The SotU as a genre...

Submitted by Maxwell on January 27, 2011 - 11:15pm

Tuesday night was a perfect time for President Obama to deliver his State of the Union Address to Congress. The first meeting of my Rhetorical Methods course was the following day, a course that will focus on Presidential Rhetoric as the object of study.

The Professor gave us the Campell and Jamieson chapter on State of the Union Addresses from Presidents Creating the Presidency as a brief primer on what was expected from this type of speech. This genre approach really helped me establish a framework with which to appreciate the speech in and of itself. It also gave me a historical perspective that I didn't know or consider before reading the chapter.
But then I started thinking about some of the context surrounding the speech that might not have influenced past addresses. What about when the State of the Union was delivered as a written document? What about TV cameras? What about the Republican response to Tuesday's speech?

Is anyone out there doing work on the genre of the 'opposing party response?' How does the minority party having a chance (after the President) to address, refute, and reword the speech? Is there a genre for this?

What about this:

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